The 40th Anniversary of Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship Program

Assistant Secretary Marie Royce celebrated the 40th Anniversary of the Humphrey Fellowship Program in Istanbul, Turkey on March 16, 2019 with amazing alumni from both Humphrey Fellowship and YES Program. This year also marks the 70th Anniversary of the Fulbright program in Turkey. Educational and cultural Exchange programs continue to build invaluable people-to-people bridges between the United States and Turkey.

Humphrey alumni from Ankara and Istanbul joined Assistant Secretary of State for Education and Cultural Affairs Marie Royce, Ms. Jennifer Davis, US Consul General, Mr. Jeffrey M. Hovenier, Charge d'Affaires for the United States of America for this special occasion together with YES Alumni to celebrate and honor 40 years of Humphrey Fellowship Program and Turkish Humphrey Alumni for their contribution to friendship between Turkey and United States of America.

Turkish Humphrey Alumni are honored and excited to be part of this distinguished global Humphrey Community which is thriving on shared values of mutual understanding, tolerance to differences and dedication to public service. We believe Turkish Humphrey Alumni, like all in other countries are valuable assets to their organizations and contribute significantly to our country’s human capital and development endeavour.