Humphrey Alumni Murat Ercin (Cornell University in 2014-2015) who is  currently working as Head of Foreign Relations and Funds Unit in Tigris Development Agency has developed The TRC3 Regional Geographical Indications Project of which has been operating at regional and national level since 2016. As Project Coordinator, he made a presentation on 'Tigris Region's Geographical Indications Adventure' at the symposium.

In order to reveal the TRC3 Region's unique regional agricultural and food products' variety and richness, to raise awareness and encourage production of regional agriculture and food products an international symposium has been held on ‘Geographical Indications of Upper Mesopotamia’ on 6-8 October 2017, in Mardin.  Tigris Development Agency (DİKA) cooperated with YUCİTA (Regional Products and Geographical İndications Turkey Research Network) an NGO were established by a volunteer group of academicians who works on national and international platforms in the area of geographical indications since 1990s, for symposium organization. Governance and control mechanisms of geographically indicated products, case studies from European Union Countries, internationalization of value chains in the region, successful stories from Turkey, national regulations and needs to improve legislation, potential of TRC3 region, projects and studies has been implemented currently in the region were main subjects during symposium.  

Prof. Dr. Jean-Louis Rastoin (UNESCO World Food Council Founder and Scientific Advisor), Claude Vermot Desroches (Comté Cheese Professor of International Affairs), François Luquet (QUALİSUD, Independent Audit Institution) and many other domestic experts and scientists attended as speakers to symposium.

Within the scope of the symposium, A regional agriculture and food products exhibition was organized for the first 2 days of the symposium in cooperation with Regional Chambers and Commodity Exchanges and various field visits and activities were organized.