Humphrey Alumni Association of Turkey was established in 1995 to function as an interdisciplinary society of professionals concerned with development and to provide a forum for addressing national, regional and global issues. The association has been working in cooperation and collaboration with the Turkish Fulbright Commission in Ankara .

Major achievements of the association encompass a wide range of activities including;

  • The organization of the “Regional Alumni Conference on Ecotourism” in Istanbul, May 28-31,1997 with participation of over 100 alumni from 16 countries,
  • Alumni have also attended actively in the regional alumni conferences in Athens (1993) and Cairo (1995) before establishment of the association.
  • Members of the Association have participated in the Regional Alumni Conferences in Budapest (1996) and Malta (2000) presenting papers and charing sessions,
  • Establishment of the Humphrey Alumni Memorial Forest in 1999,
  • Publication of the “Humphrey News; Newsletter of the Turkish Humphrey Alumni Association” (2000-2004),
  • Supporting the library of Tahsin Banguoglu Dormitory in Ankara with more than 300 books and a computer within the scope of the Library Support Project (2003-2004) and supporting primary school students with educational materials at the Village of Ilıca in Erzurum Province (2005),
  • Organization of the “Conference on the Role of NGO’s in Democratization and Community Development” in Ankara with participation of Professor G. Edward Schuh, Coordinator of the Humphrey Fellowship Program at Minnesota University and Mr. Jon Pratt, Executive Director of Minnesota Council of Non-Profits from Minnesota as guest speakers (2004)
  • Representing the association at the 20th Anniversary Conference of the Humphrey Fellowship Program in Washington D.C. (1999), the Fulbright Conference on “Women in the Global Community” in Istanbul (2002) and Civil Society Policy Forum within the 2009 Annual Meetings of the World Bank Group and IMF in Istanbul (2009).
  • HAA of Turkey organized meetings to bring together alumni with Ms. Jennifer Gibson, Assistant Director for Humphrey Program at the US State Department in Istanbul (2002) and Mr. James Haldeman, former Humphrey Coordinator at Cornell University in Ankara (2003), conferences on environmental issues  with presentations by alumni and on NGO’s by the former Cultural Attaché Mr. Jess Bailey
  • Organizing social activities such as the traditional annual receptions and picnic to the Humphrey Alumni Memorial Forest to strenghten the bond among Turkish Humphrey Alumni.
  • The Association has been acting as a reliable counterpart on alumni affairs for Turkish Fulbright Commission whenever needed.
  • Launching the Turkish Humphrey Alumni website in 2008 and renewal of the Association website in early 2015.


HUMPHREY ALUMNI ASSOCIATION OF TURKEY was established in 1995 by a group of alumni who had commitment to public service and dedication. >>>